GetCoach - Visual Identity
    & Webpage UX/UI

    Art direction, Graphic design,Web design, Digital art, UX, UI

    GetCoach is a service whose main goal is to create a convenient and fast search for coaches in various sports in Poland. In the near future, GetCoach plans to open in other EU countries.

    My task was to create a visual identification of the brand, as well as a complete system of user interaction with the service. I was directly involved in the development of UI elements and prototypes.

    When creating the logo, I relied on the basic principles of design - simplicity and readability. The color palette of the logo should have been associated with Poland. Therefore, the primary colors are red and white.

    I decided to use the rectangle as a space that can be adapted for different purposes. In the examples below, both the greeting and one of the symbols of Christmas appear in this field. I also considered that the space can be used to adapt the logo in other countries.


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